Discover the “Doulton®Difference with the “Doulton® Taste Filter Bottle”


Who needs single-use plastic bottles for 1 shekel when you can refill and filter on the go and save money and stop the single use plastic water bottle  environmental waste problem in Israel.


Make The Change- A” Doulton® Taste “ portable, refillable, filter bottle exchanged for 300 liters of Single-Use plastic water bottles and..... pocket the savings.


About the bottle

  • Bottle Capacity 500 ml
  • Reusable, stylish and durable- PET and BPA free
  • Carry handle for portability and ease of attachment to bag


About the filter cartridge- for use with microbiologically safe, treated municipal water

  • Cartridge capacity 300 liters/600 refills/dependent upon the quality of  your tap water
  • Takes out >95% of Chlorine and reduces organic compounds to improve the taste and odor of your water
  • Takes out heavy metals such as lead at >90% efficiency
  • True filtration of fine particles which are invisible to the naked eye such as dirt,rust and micro plastics down to 1 micron in size


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Doulton® Taste Filter Bottle

₪199.00 Regular Price
₪98.00Sale Price