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Which countries do you ship to?

We only ship to Israel

Do you accept returns?

Yes. Full returns in unopened boxes. Any defects are covered for 1 year, or in accordance with manufacturers warranty.

Do I need a plumber to install these filters?

Only under the counter water filters require a plumber. Usually installation takes under an hour. If you need a suggestion for a plumber in your area, please email us.

Are your filters certified?

NSF approved replacement elements are Doulton Sterasyl, Supercarb, Ultracarb. Click here to see all the filter performance table.

What pollutants do your filters remove from water?

Click here to see all the filter performance table. And here to see the lab test results from an independent lab that tested the Ultracarb filter. 

Do the filters remove lead?

The Doulton Ultracarb filter is certified by NSF to remove >99.3% std 53 lead at pH 6.5 after 2.24 L. Click here to see all the filter performance table.  And here to see the test results from an independent lab.

Do the filters remove essential minerals from the water?

No. Unlike other water purification methods, ceramic water filters do not remove minerals.

How often should I replace the filters?

Depending on the volume of water you consume, and the quality of the source of water, you will likely only have to change your filter about every 6 months. Cleaning the filter could improve performance. Click here for a video on how to clean the filter.

Is it difficult to replace the filters?

No. To replace the filter, remove the filter housing cover, twist out the old filter, and twist in the new one. No plumber is necessary to replace the filters.